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Will a person see that I purchased an item off their wishlist?

Never. The great thing about WishTracker is that the person for whom you purchased an item will not see that it has been purchased. Other people will see that an item has been purchased, so there's no chance of the dreaded "double gift".

Is there any cost to use WishTracker?


I know what someone wants as a gift, but it's not on their wishlist.

You can add it to their wishlist without them ever knowing. Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to that person’s Wishlist and click the “Add an item to this Wishlist” button.
  2. In the box that appears, complete the information about that item and click the ”Add Item” button.

Can I keep track of how much I spend?

Oh yeah. After you login, click on "My Spending Report" at the top of every page.

I purchased something for someone, and it shows up in my spending report. However, the item is not showing up anymore in their purchased items area. What's up?

The person probably went in and deleted the item from their wishlist. It will always show up in your spending report, but once deleted by the user, is removed permanently from their wishlist.

I've got a question that's not answered here.

Contact David at "davidwishtracker@gmail.com".